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  IMPORTANT VOTING INFORMATION The 2016 Presidential Primary Election will take place TODAY, Tuesday, June 7, 2016. I received an email from the City of South San Francisco regarding the polling place - see below. Please note that the precinct typically assigned to the City Hall Building has been reassigned to the City Hall Annex located at 315 Maple Avenue with ADA parking accessible from Grand Avenue and other visitor parking accessible from Miller Avenue.   Please consult the back of your Sample Ballot for your polling place.   You may also locate your polling place at the following website:
City of South San Francisco | (650) 877-8500 |
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Cinco de Mayo – Fiesta Time or Jail Time?

Cinco de Mayo may be a time to celebrate but be careful or you could end up in jail.  Many believe that May 5th Mexico's independence, but it is not.  That day is in September.  My 5th is the day to honor Mexico's victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). But some people are happy to celebrate anything and so this victory became Cinco de Mayo, in which many party a bit too much. Be careful out there.

San Mateo County Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Tomorrow 4-19

COMMUNITY MEETING | HOTHRA In partnership with San Mateo County Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 19th
Join Historic Old Town Homeowners and Renters Association (HOTHRA) for a special community meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 19th.   Attendees will learn about the San Mateo County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, the importance of testing children for lead, and how to apply for free removal of lead in the home (owned/rented) via new grants available.   Spruce School - Cafeteria 501 Spruce Avenue 7:00 p.m.   Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Snacks provided.
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BEWARE – Looking to Rent – Don’t be Scammed!!!!

BEWARE - BEWARE - BEWARE!!!!!! I just received a call on one of my 2 listings .  The caller was looking for a home to rent and said my listing  was listed for rent.  He wanted to see it right away.  Only thing is  I do not have any properties for rent, only for sale. He told me he just talked with the owner and the owner decided not to sell but wanted to rent his home out instead.  He was able to see all the pictures of the inside of the house.  He said the owner told him to send him a check for the rent and he would leave him the key!!  Now that should have been a red flag right away.  He suspected it might be a fraud. This is not the first time this has happened.  A couple of years ago, about 6 months  after I sold one of my listings, the buyer called me and asked if I had ever had the property for rent before it was for sale.  I told her I did not.  She said she came home one day to find people all over the property and in her backyard.  Apparently these scammers are offering the property for rent at a lower than market rent in an attempt to get someone to send them money. So be careful - if it is too good to be true, it usually is.

Come to Centennial Way, Saturday, April 25 to Celebrate Arbor Day

The South San Francisco Beautification Committee will be planting Native tress this coming Saturday.  So come by the North end of Antoinette Lane.  It starts at 9:00 am, rain or shine.  Then go for a walk along the trail.  Here's the information:

I Didn’t Order That Magazine. Why Are They Billing Me?

Now this post has nothing to do with South San Francisco, but thought you may be interested in what I discovered. Over the past few months, I have been receiving an invoice from Redbook magazine asking me to renew my subscription to their magazine, both by email and by snail mail. In the past, I have always enjoyed their articles, but recently I’ve noticed that much of their magazine are mainly ads. Because I do not have the time to thoroughly enjoy magazines lately, and because of basically no valuable content, I decided not to renew even though the cost was minimal. - 11 issues would be only $5.00. I did what most of you normally do when you don’t want to renew, you ignore the request for renewal. But yesterday, I received a letter from Redbook magazine stating the following: “When you ordered your subscription with the convenience of being billed later, we fully believed you would send payment upon receipt of your invoice. Since we have no record of your payment at this time, your good standing with us is at risk.” Whoa- did they just tell me I am a flake – someone who orders a product and does not pay their bill? One thing I do and I am very conscientious about is that I pay my bills on time – I HATE late or penalty fees as I feel they are not only a waste of money but could affect your credit rating. So when I received this letter, I was angry. I don’t remember re-ordering Redbook. So I decided to do some research. I checked the label on my Redbook magazine to see when the subscription expires and it states “February 2015”. Ok, this could be my last issue. No magazine continues its service without getting paid so why are they sending this letter trying to make me feel guilty. I looked for a phone number or an email to their Customer Service Department. Couldn’t find one on the letter, their website or the magazine. However, I did find their branch office phone numbers in different cities.  If I want to pay on line, I can find how to do just that on the letter, their website and their magazine. So I continued to search more and found out that there are numerous complaints to Redbook that they did not order the magazine and to please cancel even though they have gone online and have actually canceled. There weren’t just a few, but almost every comment on the site told the same story – they are receiving the magazine but it was not ordered and are receiving invoices for the $5.00. Here is the link: Having a good credit rating is important. Could this affect your credit score if you decide to buy a home, a car or refinance your home if Redbook or any other company decides to “increase their business” by using these tactics? I don’t know, but just be aware when you start getting invoices for products you did not order. Sure, it is only $5,00 and I actually thought, “Oh just pay it”. But my sense of right and wrong always kicks in and what they are doing is so very wrong. If they are doing this to me, how many other people are having the same problem. I counted the number of pages to see how many had actual content. 45 out of the 175 pages. Approximately 25% of the pages have “content”. And by content, I was generous. Many of those pages show a product, the price of that product (a dress, shoes, belt, etc.) and then the website where you can buy it. How much did that company pay to get their product in the magazine? There is no way a magazine company can send out 11 issues of a magazine for $5.00. That’s 45 cents per issue not including the postage. The money is in the ads. Has this happened to you with this magazine or any other? Tell me your story.


Flash Flooding AlertThis morning about 8 am, I received an emergency alert for flash flooding in our area.  Guess it is a widespread Bay Area Alert as my daughter in San Jose also received the same alert.  I have never received an alert like this before, but guess that's because we did not have text messaging the last time there was any kind of true emergency. I remember when we lived in Sunshine Gardens in the late 1950's and we had lots and lots of rain.  It was so bad, that the governor rated our area as a State of Emergency street.  We had sand bags around our home.  This development was very new and we may not have had our landscaping in yet.  it was truly exciting. But for today, the rains don't seem that bad and neither is the wind.  It's about 11 am and the worst seems to be over - but we shall see.  Many of the schools have been closed in San Mateo County. I've actually seen heavier rains where the it rains so hard, the water comes up over the curb.  My office in San Carlos, just notified us that the intersections on Holly and El Camino and Harbor Blvd and El Camino. are closed due to flooding.  So I guess different parts of San Mateo County are affected differently. What's it like on your street?  Did your children go to school?  Did you decide to work from home, if that is a possibility?

Freddie & Fannie 3% Down Payment Loans Again ?

Looks like Freddie and Fannie will start giving first-time home buyers help with purchasing their first home.  Yep, beginning as early as December 13, you can start the paperwork. Normally, first-time home buyers can be anyone who has not owned a home in the past three years, but it is always a good idea to double check their requirements. They will be strict on documentation and qualification, which they should be or we will be back in the same mess we were in with homeowners buying over their heads. Here's the story from Inman News

New Housing in South San Francisco?

There has been a lot of meetings with the folks in the Sunshine Gardens tract of South San Francisco to discuss the development of 31 townhomes and 4 single-family homes on 1.7 acres of farmland.  Looks like it has passed Planning by a vote of 6-1. This area is just one block from El Camino High School and a short distance from BART.  Commuters should love this location. Sign Hill is still safe for now even thought part of it is for sale. Here is the rest of the story.