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By · May 15, 2009
Welcome to SouthCityBlog.com. My name is Carole Fogelstrom and I was raised, educated and married in South San Francisco. I have lived and worked in and around this city since 1955. As a child I watched the 50 year celebration parade stroll down Grand Avenue. I’ve seen the city morph from an “Industrial City” to the birthplace of biotechnology. This forum will speak to the residents and anyone who has an interest in South San Francisco. We will be discussing what makes South San Francisco such a great place to be, to live, work and play. Which businesses, restaurants or places of interest do you enjoy? We will discuss the changes that are going on in South City, such as the recent one-way traffic on West Orange Avenue. Of course, I will need your input so please give me your thoughts. There may even be a trivia contest for you to enjoy and possibly win. Check out my profile to learn more about me. From growing up in this great city to becoming a Real Estate Broker/Realtor® who enjoys selling real estate in this great city since 1986. I have watched South City grow and change before my eyes. Come along for the ride to see where this takes us.
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