“South San Francisco The Industrial City” Sign

By · December 10, 2010
Sign Hill with SF Giants - croppedI don't know how long that sign has been up there, but I do remember climbing Sign Hill as a child. While it was a very sunny and calm day the afternoon my brother and I decided to climb Sign Hill, it was extremely windy once we made it up to the top of the mountain. I'm not even sure we made it to the top because it was so windy. I thought I would get blown all the way down the mountain. Neither one of us did, but we did make it to letters. If memory serves me right, I tried to climb one of the letters only to slide back down. We didn't stay very long because again it was so windy we couldn't breathe. We were children then and probably shouldn't have been up there but we enjoyed the adventure.    While holding an open house on Poplar a few weeks ago, which was right around the time the San Francisco Giants were vying for the World Series Title, was when I first saw it. I was admiring the lovely view from the living room waiting for visitors. Someone made the same trip my brother and I had taken up that mountain only they took a can of orange paint and painted in the letters "S" and "F". In the "S" it appeared to have the word "Giants" printed in black. At first I smiled and didn't think too much about it. Someone was proud of the Giants status. Heck, San Francisco had never won the World Series championship in all the years they have been in San Francisco which was 1958. This was something to be proud of. But then the other day, I noticed two other letters - only they are in blue. Guess the Giants competitor and ultimate loser of the World Series wanted to have their say. So the "T" and "R" for Texas Rangers were also painted. The first time I saw the orange letters, I had hoped that it would wash away in the rain. Well it didn't and now I have mixed feelings. What did those Ranger fans think they were doing to our sign? They didn't win. They shouldn't be represented on OUR sign! Who do they think they are? But if you think about it, neither the Giants fans or the Ranger fans should have defaced the property. Just because you won, doesn't give anyone the right deface property. Or for that matter, do what some of the fans did in San Francisco after the game - jump on buses, or be a menace to people or property. Overall, the celebration at the parade was just that a wonderful celebration and non-violent event the way it should be. I didn't get a phot of the blue letters, but here is a photo just outside my listing on Poplar. While the Giants fans who painted the letters were probably wrong, a part of me still smiles about it.
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