Stop Warrantless And I’m Told Illegal Searches of Your Home

By · September 27, 2012

 Watch out! The City may


Want to sell your home in

South San Francisco?

Under the guise of a ‘safety inspection’ they say is required when you sell your home, the city (with the Fire Department acting as code enforcement officials) says it can enter your home WITHOUT A WARRANT to inspect for certain conditions including an unnecessary smoke detector inspection for which they charge $125! If found, these conditions have to be taken care of, often as the cost of thousands of dollars to you before you can close escrow even if a previous owner made the improvements.

Protect Your Property Values & Constitutional Rights

From Warrantless Searches of Your Home

 South San Francisco is the ONLY CITY in San Mateo County that has this requirement when you sell your home. The City Council and the Fire Department both claim this is a CITYWIDE PROBLEM… but they're putting the burden ONLY on you, THE HOME OWNER.  Let The City Council Know Your Concerns.Contact the City Council at (650) 829-6601 or send an email and tell them you object to having the sale of your residence stopped (whenever that may be) and that these warrantless inspections must be eliminated. You could be next:
Mayor Richard Garbarino –
Vice Mayor Pedro Gonzalez –
Councilmember Mark Addiego –
Councilmember Kevin Mullin –
Councilmember Karyl Matsumoto –

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This is an extremely important issue and I hope every homeowner in South San Francisco stays on top of this,

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