By · October 16, 2012
IMPORTANT MEETING!!! < Are you a homeowner in South San Francisco?  Then you will be very interested in the very important Special Study Session Meeting that will be taking place this Wednesday, October 17 at 6:30 pm at:   Municipal Services Building Council Chambers 33 Arroyo Drive South San Francisco, CA 94080   Over many, many years, South San Francisco has led the residential sellers and their agents to believe that it is required to have a Home and Safety Inspection as well as a Smoke Detector Inspection(at a cost of $125).  The City has said it is mandatory but it is only a ruse to get into homes and find code violations such as unpermitted work or alterations.  It doesn’t matter if the work was completed by a previous owner, or if the repairs, additions, were done 50+ years ago when a permit was not even needed.   Once found, then the seller’s ability to close escrow depends upon repairing those violations along with penalties and fees, especially if they are not completed in a timely fashion.   Did you have your countertops changed and didn’t get a permit? Or what was code back in 1970, or 1960, or 1950 is no longer code today could be called as a violation and the work has to be upgraded or you could face sometimes unreasonable fees.   Look around your home and think about any upgrades you have done or even a previous may have done that you think are minor.  Not to South San Francisco.   Because the San Mateo County Association of Realtors are trying to put a stop to it, South San Francisco now wants to make it an law so that they can come into your home when you sell.  It will be the “Point of Sale Inspection”.   Please come to the meeting and show your support by just being at this Wednesday, October 17 at 6:30 pm Meeting when we present the scary and expensive stories that many sellers have had to endure when all they wanted to do was to sell their home.   Learn about your rights.  You could be selling your home soon or know someone who is considering it.  Or down the road you may and then it will be too late if this law is passed.  Let them know and please pass on this email.  
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