Whom Do You Know Has Been Abused By Bogus And Illegal SSF Inspections?

By · October 10, 2012
As you know, the sellers in South San Francisco have been repeatedly abused over the years by these unreasonable and unwarranted inspections.   I am  not talking about a few hundred dollars in penalities or fees, I am talking about thousands and thousands of dollars in penalities and fees, not to mention the cost of the repairs.  I am on a subcommittee of our Board of Realtors so I have heard some hair-raising stories.  One agent told us just recently of a $37,000 penalty that was levied against a seller.  Yes, you heard it right - $37,000 and that did not include the repairs.  The city just penalizes the seller to the tune of $1,000 a day to get work completed!  Now that is what I call cruel and unusual punishment. Many of these so called violations were improvements made by a previous owner. So if a previous owner changed their kitchen countertops and even though no structural work was completed, the City decides that since it was not done with a permit, there is a penalty that has to be paid.  Of course, then a permit is needed.  Ridiculous, right?  Well it has happened and continues to happen. DO YOU KNOW OF ANY ABUSE BY SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO THAT HAS EITHER HAPPENED TO YOU OR A NEIGHBOR?  THIS HAS TO STOP AND WITH YOUR HELP IT CAN!!! Please contact me as soon as possible so these true accounts can be presented to the City. I do not have any stories from my clients, because I became aware that they were not legal(by more than one attorney's profession opinion) a few years ago.  Here's what happened.  When the buyer's agent asked for the inspections and I told him the seller would not allow the City into the property, his broker called the City to find out if it was required.  The City said it was and that if the seller did not allow the inspections, the City would "slap a lien on the property and there would be penalities" for the buyer once they took possession.  My response has always been "show me the ordinance and my seller will comply".  We did close escrow on that property.  To this day, no lien has been filed against that property and no penalities were paid.  Do you know why?  Because they have no right to do so and they know it.  But it did not keep them from bullying the agents and sellers.     Each and every time I listed a property, I had to educate the other agent and get into long discussions with them or their broker.  While I felt it was such a waste of time,  I also realizede that I was educating them one office at a time. So, if you were subjected to these unwarranted and financially destructive inspections, please let me know ASAP.
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