Another Point of Sale Inspection Study Session this Wednesday, January 16

By · January 13, 2013
South San Francsco has scheduled another Study Session regarding the Point of Sale Inspections that the Fire Department is trying to bring into law before a property owner can sell their home. The session is schedule for : 6:30 pm Wednesday, January 16, 2013 South San Francisco Municipal Service Building 333 Arroyo Drive South San Francisco, CA 94080 If you have read my posts before you know the Fire Department has been subjecting its owners to warrentless searches by "requiring" first a smoke detector inspection and then onto a Home and Safety Inspection.  Over the years the owners and agents have ultimately been lied to when asked point blank if there was an ordinance for these inspections by responding "Yes, there is an ordinance".  However, when asked for that actual ordinance, we were given the "run around" by giving bogus sections of the municipal code.  We were told it was "tied to the State code". Many agents assumed it was the truth and so it was not questioned.  Why would anyone question the Fire Department? The first Study Session was last October 17, 2012 where SAMCAR  and the Fire Chief were directed to meet and come up with a solution.  We have a couple of meetings, but it seems the Fire Chief, as nice as he appears to be, does not quite understand the meaning of "warrantless searches" or that the 4th Amendment of our Constitution does not allow entry without "reasonable cause".  As I've said before, selling your home is not reasonable cause to enter the privacy of your home. So, please join us this Wednesday if you like.  You can even speak to losing your rights if you want. Oh, and if anyone thinks this is about costing the Realtors any money, they are dead wrong.   We feel it is unfair and very, very costly to the sellers.  But read my other posts regarding this.  It is hurting the owners financially.  It is unfair, costly and unconstitutional.
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