No More Home Inspections for Sellers in South San Francisco!!!

By · January 16, 2013
A victory has been won for the sellers of real property in South San Francisco thanks to the Realtors of San Mateo County Association of Realtors (SAMCAR).  Mayor ProTem Karyl Matsumoto at the City Council meeting tonight said she was "tired of this whole thing and wanted to shelve" the whole inspection issue.  As Mark Addiego said "What a nice surprise!"  And you could see he was totally surprised. City Council member shared that there were so many emails and phone calls received and were probably the reason for the decision not to go forward with the ordinance. I spoke with Karyl Matsumoto after the meeting to thank her for allowing this to happen.  My concern about this coming back to a vote at some future date was immediately put to rest by her comments.  She said that it probably won't come up again for another 10 years or so when she was probably off City Council.  We both laughed at that. So, if you were thinking about selling your property but decided not to due to those bogus and invading  inspections, you may now want to change your mind.  Please share your thoughts on City Council's decision not to have these Home Inspection.
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