No More Point of Sale Sewer Lateral Inspections !

By · August 14, 2013
Just came from the City Council meeting where they approved the minutes from the July 24th meeting to no longer require point of sale sewer lateral inspections. Just this year, an ordinance was put into place to have these inspections when a homeowner sold their home.  Apparently, it was causing a problem in more ways that it solved.  One of the problems was many years ago, parcels of land were separated but the sewer systems were still connected to the neighboring properties.  Once this ordinance went into place and the seller had to comply, many sewer systems that were connected were also affected.  This caused financial problems for the neighbor who wasn't selling and did not have the funds to repair the faulty lines.  There have been other issues including the time it took away from other duties of Public Works. Last month, Terry White, the Director of Public Works asked City Council to change the ordinance to no longer require these inspections at time of sale. So, thank you City Council for the vote and Terry White for bringing this back to Council. This change becomes effective 30 days from today.
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