Need Help With Making Your Mortgage Payments?

By · November 16, 2013
Can't afford your home, but don't want to sell it?  Read on to find out one solution that may work for you. Did you know there is a program where you can home share?  If someone has an extra room or separate unit available, HIP Housing can help put you together. What is HIP Housing? It is a nonprofit organization that has, since 1972, provided free home sharing services in San Mateo County.  They personally and professionally dedicate their time, tools, expertise and billingual services to helping find alternative housing solutions. They could help you in reducing your living expenses, whether you own your own home or need a home to live. This could be a great benefit to a family or older person who has a home but needs help either financially or even physically with caring for the home or in need of a companion.   In exchange,  The home seeker can exchange services in lieu of or possibly get a reduced rent.   HIP Housing helps with the contract between the two parties and it can be a win-win solution for both.  They even check in to be sure both parties are happy and fulfilling their obligation to the other. Another service of HIP Housing is called Self-Sufficiency which provides housing help and supportive services to low- income families transitioning to self-reliance. If you would like to find out more about HIP Housing in San Mateo County, call (650) 348-6660 or go to their website at Know anyone out there who could benefit from these services?  
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