Don’t be Scammed by Fake Emails

By · March 30, 2014
I received an email just today from what appeared to be Craigslist telling me that I had exceeded my posting limit.  The message wanted me to "click here" to log into my account before the account was canceled. Here is the email: Dear CraigsIist Customer, We are upgrading the CraigsIist posting services. As the primary contact, you must renew your CraigsIist account as soon as possible or it will be canceled and your CraigsIist account will be limited. FOLLOW THE WEB ADDRESS BELOW TO: PUBLISH THIS TEST AD EDIT (OR CONFIRM AN EDIT TO) YOUR AD If not clickable, please copy and paste the address to your browser: Click Here Your posting will expire off the site 45 days after it was created. Sincerely, CraigsIist Inc. CraigsIist Email ID CL - 328736287   As a Realtor, I do a lot of posting on Craigslist but I was still suspicious of this email.. Now this is one of the most poorly designed emails that I have seen, but one of the first things I do is to check the email address. This is what I found - exceeded the posting limit(subject line) CraigsIist-automated message, do not reply - Please do not reply to this email [] To: Do you see what is wrong with all of this?  Not only did it not have a Craigslist return email address, it showed a address, and it was sent to the same address. The subject line was all lower case. I know better than to click on a link when I feel something is not right.  If, for some reason I thought it was legit and clicked on the link and it asked for password or personal info, I would not give it.  The way to handle it is to go directly to the site or call the company to see if they sent out this email warning. I received another one just last week from Bank of America and it looked so legitimate but I have not had a BofA account for many many years.  If I had, I would still not have clicked on any link but would have either called the company or gone directly to their website. It is too bad that we have to be so cautious to save ourselves from #identitytheft , but that is the world we live in now.
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