By · December 11, 2014
Flash Flooding AlertThis morning about 8 am, I received an emergency alert for flash flooding in our area.  Guess it is a widespread Bay Area Alert as my daughter in San Jose also received the same alert.  I have never received an alert like this before, but guess that's because we did not have text messaging the last time there was any kind of true emergency. I remember when we lived in Sunshine Gardens in the late 1950's and we had lots and lots of rain.  It was so bad, that the governor rated our area as a State of Emergency street.  We had sand bags around our home.  This development was very new and we may not have had our landscaping in yet.  it was truly exciting. But for today, the rains don't seem that bad and neither is the wind.  It's about 11 am and the worst seems to be over - but we shall see.  Many of the schools have been closed in San Mateo County. I've actually seen heavier rains where the it rains so hard, the water comes up over the curb.  My office in San Carlos, just notified us that the intersections on Holly and El Camino and Harbor Blvd and El Camino. are closed due to flooding.  So I guess different parts of San Mateo County are affected differently. What's it like on your street?  Did your children go to school?  Did you decide to work from home, if that is a possibility?
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